I have always enjoyed music. I studied music as a young person and then devoted many years of my life to helping others in this field achieve their goals. Music is a giving and sharing art form, as are the visual arts. Both take many hours of study and devoted concentration.


Music Notes - 1997

The lime green and deep orange in this painting provide freshness to the bars of music.

Oil on Canvas
28" x 34"



Dark Music - 1985

This is a very dark painting about music with reflections of colored light.

Oil on Canvas
1' 6" x 2'



Treble Clef With Ferel Pig And White Deer - 1985

Look through the fog and you may see a white deer or a farel pig to enliven the music in your soul in this painting.

Oil on Canvas
5' x 5'



Music Notes - 1985

A colorful music chart palette painting.

Oil on Canvas
3' x 3' 6"



Harlequin, Bass & Cow - 1985

Oil on Canvas
4' x 5'


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